Process of the Project

The Process of the Project

Christine and Ewan have collaborated on several previous song-making community projects for various Scottish local authorities.

The Stoneysangs project was originated, organised, scheduled and led by Christine, who liaised with each school to agree targets and set up sequences of dates, report on progress and development of the project and monitor actions and outcomes – see ‘Comments on the project’ page for details on these..
Ewan led the Treasure Hunt sessions (see description below), created and edited the school songsheets and the website, and recorded and edited the CDs.
Christine and Ewan worked jointly to write the songs with the school class groups.




Mill O Forest was the first school worked with, and the general sequence there was also followed at Arduthie and Dunnottar.


Week One - Treasure Hunt, in which each class learned about Scots traditional song in an exciting collaborative way using laptops to research on the Education Scotland website Scotland’s Songs, and were rewarded with the contents of ‘treasure chests’. (See more details at

Weeks Two and Three – Songmaking, in which a topic is agreed with the class, a traditional tune chosen, then ideas and verses are built up on the class ‘interactive smartboard’ by Christine or Ewan by eliciting relevant ideas, phrases, lines and ideas for rhymes from pupils and actively involving the class in the process of editing and polishing the developing lyric. Most of the work is done with the whole class, but sometimes a theme is agreed, topics for various verses chosen, and these verses are made by small groups with staff assistance.
Texts are typed [by a pupil, a staff member, or one of the workshop leaders) and exhibited electronically as they are created, they can be shared by email so they can be immediately incorporated in the developing website.

Week Four – Songmaking / Songs and Singing / developing arrangements & harmonies.
Week Five - finalising Songmaking / Songs and Singing / arrangements & harmonies / recording songs.

If the class teacher so decides, a part of the class’s work outwith the song-making workshops is the creation of artwork about the songs, to be exhibited in the classroom, and as appropriate lent to Ewan for scanning and inclusion on the website.

Week Six - Morning and short afternoon rehearsal and recording in usual classes, followed by Afternoon sharing Ceilidh all together