Educational Aims



To promote equal opportunity of access for all pupils to participate in music making
 Ceilidhmakers worked in the classroom with class groups to include all children


To ensure that each Local Authority can consolidate and sustain the P6 target
 Ceilidhmakers worked with P6 and other year groups


To encourage integration of YMI activities over time with the local authority’s delivery of the music curriculum and instrumental and vocal instruction programmes
 Ceilidhmakers are open to partnership working


To encourage alternative methodologies of delivery and the diversification of styles and genres
 Ceilidhmakers provided an experience of traditional tunes and songs and the creation of new songs


To develop partnerships with organisations and individuals outwith the   formal education sector
 Ceilidhmakers highlighted the ongoing local folk festival and made resources and information available to schools about similar events and learning opportunities and brought professional artistes into school



To encourage schools and instrumental services to provide YMI music activities in the classroom as much as possible
 Ceilidhmakers are open to partnership working


To take into account the choices of young people when planning YMI funded
  music activities
 Ceilidhmakers promote a child centred model where participants, including staff, are ‘high-statused’.  Making creativity and hard work fun is at the core of our work.


To provide musical activities for young people with special educational and  additional support needs
 Ceilidhmakers can work in a variety of settings with a range of clients.


To develop and sustain a Continuous Professional Development programme for both music specialists and classroom teachers
 Ceilidhmakers delivered CPD in the classroom through the Great Scots Song Treasure Hunt, as well as in a dedicated CPD session