Comments on the Project

Comments Made By Participants

'The final sharing - the ceilidh - was massive and ebullient; all of the

youngsters got to perform in a rewarding and natural manner that saw shared
songs being woven, effectively, between different ages and stages and
performed for a delighted audience of parents and peers'.
David Atherton, Arts Education Officer (Creative Links), Aberdeenshire Council

Dunnottar P4/5 explain about their songwriting
We started with the outdoor pool. We decided to write a song. We thought up lots of ideas about our Swimming Pool in Stonehaven then we thought of rhyming words and ideas and put them on the board. We told Ewan and Christine about the Swimming Pool because they didn't know.
I like the chorus because it's catchy.
It's true.
We wrote the song about the chip shop. Ewan saw a banner over the chip shop and asked us. The Banana song, Ma Ma will you buy me a... gave us the idea to write a song. Stonehaven is famous for the Deep Fried Mars Bar, so we wrote it (before Health week!)
We have a dance champion and so we wanted to write something about the dancers at the Feeing Market, as well as other things. The inflatable colourful slide is blue and white, giant, tall, so we wrote about that.
We see stuff like the signs, the swimming pool and poems and put our ideas up on the Smartboard. We change the words round, we had a big debate about some of the colours.
Dunnottar P4/5 class teachers’ comments on aspects of the project approach
1] Elements of the project included - working as a team, sharing ideas, developing language, vocabulary, sense of rhythm, sense of Achievement, recording, performing. CfE elements include – Effective Contributors / Successful Learners / Literacy / Outcomes.
Dunnottar teacher
2] The children enjoyed the ceilidh and making up words for the songs,
especially the swimming pool one because they go there and it's fun.
Mrs. Jean Scott, Dunnottar
3] t was a good experience to have 2 talented musicians in the class and
they particularly enjoyed the week 1 Treasure Hunt activity.
Dunnottar teacher